This summer we will likely be doing different events, Bible studies, creative service projects and fun games.  This will give you a guide of what we’re doing, where, and when.  We will begin Sunday June 8th for our first meeting.

Sunday June 8th – Sr. High Room @AHUMC 5:30 – 7:00 (we will finish before the Spurs game starts)
Sunday June 15th – NO MEETING – due to Father’s Day – Celebrate with your families

Sunday June 22nd – Sr. high Room @AHUMC 5:30-7:00
Sunday June 29th – Tom & Cresta Wright’s House 5:30-7:00 (bring towel and swimsuit if you want to swim)
Sunday July 6th – Off for Father’s Day
Sunday July 13th – Sr. high Room @AHUMC 5:30-7:00

Rest of the Summer – Sundays – Sr. high Room @AHUMC 5:30-7:00



Below are the ideas from Sunday 5/11 for requests for the summer.  My request: lets make this fun and creative.  We can cover meaningful content and still have it be fun and creative.  For instance, our service projects could be to serve our friends by gathering together to play basketball and intentionally invite new people in town.  Or, doing a fundraiser to help a young kid have a really great fun day and feel really valued.  Or, designing a new type of way to share resources in our community to meet needs.  Y’all are plenty bright and creative.  I suggest we think outside the box this summer and have fun while making a difference in our lives and others’.

5/11 requests:
– maybe youth lounge as a consistent meeting place for the summer?
– pool
– movie
– games
– how Genesis ties into the NT
– talk on dating/speed dating
– talk on college/college ministries/connect with other students at college/college ministries
– apologetics (Chase)
– get handy/build something/maybe a Habitat house
– fundraiser for Ropers
– scare parents by being very thoughtful, loving, caring

Add comments you have for ideas for the summer.  Be warned – if you suggest an idea and want to do it, I will have you take part in the planning and making it happen!  You can do it, and it will help you learn, etc.

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