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We believe that the best way to advise a person is to first ask a lot of questions about them and then engage in deep and attentive listening. Because it is often very difficult to accurately understand ourselves, the WIRED process begins with a series of online tests.   We use these objective online tools to help draw out truths about who you are and how you tend and prefer to respond in situations.  These effective tools help us in this journey of self-discovery.  We will also ask you to answer a series of questions and complete an online worksheet.  This will take you through an extensive self-reflection process that will prepare you to walk through this information with your team.

The team meeting is where we find the great discoveries occur with WIRED.  We will take each member of your team through their information on a white board.  Our team loves the white board and finds that it helps get everything written and communicated all together in front of your entire team.  We also use this time to ask many specific questions about your results and to drill down as detailed as possible into all your answers – the goal always being to discover what is true for YOU.  We find that this refinement process with your entire team present leads to input from each member and plenty of “ah-ha!” moments as we dig deeper into how you are wired.  We believe the better we understand how God has made you, the better we can position you in your work and on your team to understand your role, and help you live into your calling.  More importantly, it helps your team to better know you.  The better you know someone, the better you are equipped to work with them and love them.  We find the WIRED process is foundational for our work with teams and organizations.

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