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We find that the WIRED process is the foundational opener for other processes we like to take teams and organizations through.  These processes include:

  •  discovering your organization’s, team’s and personal mission, vision and values;
  •  creating plans for each team member of how they will live into these through the lens of their unique wiring;
  • bringing clarity and understanding to roles and responsibilities;
  • developing measurements for success and a healthy reflection process for those markers;
  • assessment of capacity for your company and team and where you need to develop;
  • discovering issues on your teams and helping you grow and develop together;
  • discovering the gaps in your team and roles you to need to add, including help on defining this new role and shepherding your organization through the hiring process;
  • discovering and distilling confusion and conflict in the team, bringing peace and unity.

Along with the WIRED process, we offer a full range of planning, team and individual training to help you, your organization and your people discover and live fully into who God has created you to be.

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