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While we have worked with many teams using the WIRED process, we have found that the most important team for every person is their family.  So much of our lives are directed first from our family.   Oftentimes, our families have people that are in ways so much like us, and yet also very different from us.  We have found in working with families, that the WIRED process provides great understanding of each family member and equips families to better understand one another, and therefore better relate to and love one another.  Very similar to the process for teams, the WIRED process for families helps to unpack and understand each member of the family and therefore better equip you to love, encourage and direct your family.  We find the WIRED process is revolutionary for understanding different members of your family and learning how to interact with them in much healthier ways.

We find the WIRED process unlocks misunderstandings, distills conflict, and brings clarity and clear direction to families.  We find WIRED to be a powerful process to help families understand one another, be more equipped to love, encourage and guide one another, and get everyone more focused on what they actually feel called to live into through their lives.  We see this process bringing great healing, peace and clarity to families.  

With WIRED as the foundational process, we also recommend the following processes for you and your family:

  • develop a unique mission, vision and values for each individual and the family;
  • help you to understand the unique way your children are WIRED so you are best equipped as parents to encourage and direct them moving forward;
  • distill conflict and drawing out powerful ways to encourage;
  • equip you with tools to bring peace and balance into what is sure to be your busy family schedule; and
  • identify the unique things each of you are called to live into.

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