Schedule of Events

5/21/14 – Christ Healing Center – San Antonio, TX – 1pm
Speaking at Christ Healing Center on San Antonio at 135 W Olmos.  I will be speaking on the gift of encouragement as a front line weapon in the Body of Christ.  Worship begins at 1pm, teaching at 1:30.  Come join us!

5/30 – 5/31/14 – Cary, NC – Bob Goff
Bob Goff is a fascinating man.  Attorney, dad, Christian writer, and so many interesting roles!  One of my friend and mentors read his book “Love Does” then called him after reading it to chat.  (Bob invites his readers to call him on his cell phone and puts his number in the book).  This is a small glimpse of his adventures.  So, I invited my friend that if I set up a meeting with Bob she would come.  We’re going to meet with Bob in Cary.  Should be fun!

6/8/14 – 8/10/14 – Youth Sundays
This summer I will be leading Sr. High Youth Sundays which are Sunday Evenings throughout the summer.  We will not meet July 6th, because that is July 4th weekend.

6/12-6/14/14 – Corpus Christi, TX – Annual Conference UMC
Every year the Methodist church gathers its ordained pastors and delegates to join together and review events, news and decisions for the conference.  Our conference gathers in Corpus Christi, TX every year.  It is one of two annual gatherings of the clergy each year.  It is a good time to get away, be with peers, and see friends from seminary and other churches.

6/22/14 – Preaching in New Heights at AHUMC

6/29/14 – Preaching at Riverside Community Church – Spring Branch, TX

7/6/14 – Preaching in Sanctuary at AHUMC – Preaching on DavidI Samuel 16:6-8

7/28 – 8/4/14 – Trip to North Carolina

8/12 – 8/26/14 – Israel Prayer Mission Trip

9/4 – 9/8/14 – Officiating Wedding in Washington State

10/6 – 10/10/14 – Whistling Straits w/ Big Mike

11/6 – 11/8/14 – Christ Healing Center – Healing Leaders Conference – San Antonio, TX

11/21 – 11/23/14 – Grant & Kelsey Wedding – Austin, TX

11/26 – 11/29/14 – Thanksgiving – Washington, D.C.

12/24 – Christmas Eve

12/25 – Christmas Day

12/31/14 – New Years Eve

1/1/15 – New Years Day


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