The prophetic is near and dear to my heart.  We have found it to be a huge gift to the Body of Christ and very impactful to our local congregation.  I am fortunate to have been exposed to the prophetic in very healthy ways in my life.  I like to explain the prophetic as sharing God’s heart with people.  Scripture explains prophetic as strengthening, encouraging, and comforting (1 Cor 14:3).  In prophetic ministry, we focus on loving and encouraging people, calling up the good in their hearts, honoring and blessing people.  We want you to leave feeling as though you have been kissed by God.  We find these prayer times to be very encouraging and uplifting for people.

Oftentimes people fear that their deepest darkest secrets will be revealed.  We always encourage people that God loves you, delights in you, and desires for you to be with Him.  He has offered His forgiveness to all people through His Son, Jesus, and He desires all people to know Him and receive His love.  In this way, we believe that we are called to join God in loving people, honoring and blessing them.  We seek to be loving, encouraging and uplifting to all.

Scripture says that we know in part and we prophesy in part (1 Cor 13:9).  We do our best to hear the heart of God for you and share what we hear.  But, this is not a perfect science and we all make mistakes.  So, we strive to do this in a safe space with people who are grounded in the love of God, trained and practiced in hearing from God, and have been trained to seek out and call up the good in all people.

We believe God has created us all to take responsibility for ourselves.  In line with this belief, our prayer ministers take responsibility to check what we pray over people to make sure it is: 1) loving, 2) strengthening, encouraging, and comforting, 3) in accordance with the Scriptures, and 4) in accordance with the nature of God as revealed in the Scriptures.  If what we are feeling led to share does not meet these criterion, we ask our prayer ministers to hold those things back.

We also believe that God has created you to take responsibility for yourself, so we ask that everyone who receives prayer from us would test what they receive.  We encourage you to test this, by asking whether the prayer was:  1) loving, 2) strengthening, encouraging, and comforting, 3) in accordance with the Scriptures, and 4) in accordance with the nature of God as revealed in the Scriptures and in your life.  We believe this helps you test the word to see if it is from God and for you.  We also encourage our prayer receivers to review the words they have received with their trusted community/mentors.

Because we believe these words received in prayer are important, we recommend that prayer receivers record the words they receive in prayer.  This allows people to go back and relisten to the prayers, and even write them out.  We find this helps in testing the words and stewarding them.  After testing the word yourself and with your trusted community, we encourage you to continue to pray over and live towards the words you believe are from God and for you.

We hope that you find this journey in the prophetic to be as impactful and powerful as it has been for our community!



We offer prayer after each of our Sunday worship services.


We are big believers of learning about the prophetic in community.  We believe the best way to learn to pray is from other people who already know how.  We find this is the same with prophetic prayer.  That being said, here are some resources that we have found to be very helpful in shaping our development and prophetic ministry:

Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry – By Kris Vallotton

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