I have long since been blessed by listening to teachings.  Through school, through lectures, sermons, online postings, etc – all have been fruitful in my formation.  It is my goal that these podcasts are formational for you as well.


Adventures of an Unlikely Preacher
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In this podcast I share some of my personal reflections, adventures, and interesting people I get to meet with.  I am fortunate enough to get to meet many fascinating people in my job, hear many interesting sermons and teachings, and attend cool conferences and seminars.  I am always looking for more ways to better share these teachings and experiences with my people.  This podcast is one of the ways I came up with to try share more of these experiences with which I am blessed.


Musings of Millennial Ministers
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In this podcast my good friend, Russell Bowlin and I team up to reflect on modern day issues and theological reflections.  Russ and I were roommates at Duke Divinity.  We are both Methodist preachers.  Russ, or Beard, as like to call him (because of his glorious red beard), has been a good friend of mine for awhile.  He and I talked for sometime about the idea of doing a podcast to create a space to reflect together on current issues through the lens of faith.  We both enjoy ridiculous comedy, sports, and are deeply devoted to our faith journeys.  We hope you laugh and have a good time, but still manage to learn something about God in the process.

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