People I Like To Read

Here are a list of some of the authors I like to follow:

Jim Collins – Always a classic for business structure and literature.  Collins provides a healthy dose of disciplined study to his work to provide the reader with substantial data for conclusions based on the evidence, not presuppositions.  I thoroughly enjoy his works.

Patrick Lencioni – He and his firm, The Table Group, are revolutionizing the practice of management consulting and he is bringing a widespread awareness for the importance of Organizational Health in ANY (yes, any organization).  I would argue this includes any team from sports team to even, yes, families!  A very bright man, and it turns out, a devoted Christian.  His writings are intelligent, clear, and in my experience, directly applicable.  I am a huge fan of this guy, his work and hope to meet him some day.

Malcolm Gladwell – A phenomenal story teller.  Because of this I prefer to listen to his books on tape, instead of read them.  His voice and presence is amazing.  You quickly get a sense of this from his Ted Talks.  If Collins is dinner, then Gladwell is dessert.

Peter Drucker – I believe I have read that he created the field of management.  This is likely too high a praise, but Drucker is America’s management guru.  I love his writing.  But, I almost feel it is too deep or technical for me to get too into.

Eugene Peterson – The man wrote a new translation of the Bible in modern-day North American vernacular, of course I love this guy.  His book, Leap Over a Wall on the story of David is one that I read early in my faith journey and still love.  Peterson is amazing.

Atul Gawande – this guy writes for the New Yorker, and has a scientific approach with his surgeon’s mind to discipline that is refreshing to a Myers-Briggs J like myself.

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