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Here are some helpful tools I recommend:

Online Spiritual Gifts Test – this test has 138 questions.  The gifts test goes through page 5, with a response sheet at the end.  You don’t need to complete the test beyond page 5 (unless you want to do more).

Heart – list the people, places or things you have a heart for.
Passion – list the actions you love to do.
Calling – list the things you believe God is calling you to.
NOT List – list the things that you hate to do, that drain your energy.

Myers-Briggs online profile – this test has 72 questions and is quick and straight forward, but it is free and fast, and may help you learn more about yourself.  Don’t forget to write down your letters AND your percentages!

Strengths-Finder assessment tool – this is a tool I really like because it focuses on your strengths, your up side.  The tool is only $10 and it provides your top five strengths with descriptions and potential recommended actions steps to use and apply each strength.  The test takes time, but tries to get quick responses by giving you 20 seconds per questions, so you don’t overthink what they are asking.

Love Languages – this tool was created by Gary Chapman, a Baptist minister from Winston-Salem, NC.  The test has about 38 questions and is very helpful in understanding how you prefer to give and receive love.

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