My Goals

I have never played competitive golf.  However, I have played golf here and there since I was young, just not all that seriously.  I generally know what I’m doing and have a decent swing.

My goal is to get to be a solid single digit handicap, basically an eight handicap.  

An active handicap is the average of your best ten rounds out of twenty (weighted for course difficulty).  This means that with an eight handicap, on average, I would be breaking 80 about half of the rounds I played.  This would be great.

To achieve this goal I have started with my short game.  I have never really enjoyed practicing, which inhibits great growth in the game.  I tend to just play, instead of practice, which is not a bad form of practice.  So, this time around, I started by practicing my short game in spurts that don’t exhaust or frustrate me.  The next step I have taken is to update my gear.  The last time I got irons was, (I think), back in 2005 or 2006.  So, it was time.  Recently, by the help of a good friend, got fitted for some new irons.  Now, step three, I am going to start practicing and playing on a regular basis, and may seek some instruction.  Hopefully this summer yields time on the course.  Here we go!

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