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This came about because I drive a decent amount for my job as a pastor.  I regularly drive to hospitals, coffee shops, parishioner homes and offices, other churches, and kind of all over town.  Being the driven, time-keeping attorney I am, I began to think of ways I could better use my time in the car.  I also wanted to connect with my people more.  So, I began recording these devotional teachings, usually on my drive into work.  They usually last somewhere around 15 minutes and have a specific topic teaching with reflections and Scripture.  I hope you are blessed by these videos!  Leave a comment for me to help shape the devotionals, or request specific topics.  Thanks!


Rest – Need A Break From Your Busy Schedule?  Watch This Video On Rest
In this week’s Drive-By-Devotional, we step back from our overloaded schedules to discuss our absolute crucial need for rest.  We go over commands about rest beginning with the 10 Commandments with the focus on Sabbath and rest being present on the seventh day of Creation.  Join us!



Encouragement #3 – Three Simple Steps to Radically Transform Your Child’s Life
In this week’s devotional, Drive-By-Devotionals goes airborne for the first time!  Fly-By-Devotionals!  I give you three simple steps to encourage people.  I find that encouragement can radically transform a person’s life, especially a child.  We find it works with everyone – spouses, friends, coworkers, bosses, employees.  Give it a try, you won’t go back!


Encouragement #2 – Continuing our series on encouragement I talk about the role of the gift of encouragement in the Body of Christ.


Encouragement #1 – Beginning our series on encouragement I talk about the importance of encouraging others to bring growth and development.   (here is a link to the referenced sermon by Linda Marceau.  The audio is a little low, but the message is powerful!)


Making Space for Jesus – Advent – The season of Advent is always a powerful time of the year for me.  I am preparing to make room for God in new and unexpected ways in my life.  I invite you to do the same!


Unexpected Fruit – Some things in our world are predictable, but one thing I always find surprising is the unexpected fruit from following Jesus.  He always seems to multiply out so much good from what He calls us to!


Resurrection Power – The power of God is seen in many things, but few things more powerful than the Resurrection.  In this devotional I reflect on the immense Resurrection power of God.

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