Recommended books –

Culture of Honor – Danny Silk provides one off the best applications of grace I think I have ever read outside of Scripture.  This book provides a great insight into some of the foundational culture that creates a framework for honor, growth, freedom and empowerment that has led to explosive growth and wonderful manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  I highly recommend this book.  It highlights honor very well, and provides a quick insight into a five-fold ministry structure (Ephesians 4).

Loving your kids on purpose – By Danny Silk – if you have kids, read this.  If you want to learn to draw boundaries in relationships, I suggest you read this.  This book highlights the reality that we can only control ourselves and it helps empower us to not tolerate being controlled by others.  It also focuses on empowering other people, honoring them, but not letting them run over you.  It provides a framework of setting boundaries, but also honoring, respecting, and empowering others.  One of the chief ways is through giving other people options and the ability and freedom to choose.

From Slavery to Sonship – By Jack Frost – this is a great book about identity as beloved sons and daughters of God, not orphan children.  This book will change how you see God, how you see yourself, and how you see and treat authority in your life.  It will set you free to be loved and to serve.  There is a book and Cd’s.

Tangible Kingdom – By High Halter and Matt Smay – These guys moved to Denver, they were recovering pastors not looking to plant a church, but just live out what they felt God had called them to.  They lived out their faith with their neighbors and friends (love thy neighbor ;-), and this group grew and grew.  They do not believe in attractional ministry, but instead living amongst, with and alongside people and sharing their lives before sharing their faiths (1 Thes 2:8).  I loved this book.  I feel as though their hearts are in great places and they take you on a journey to imagine and see how faith and church can be more lived out than happening at a building.

The Advantage – By Patrick Lencioni – This is his 11th book, and it is his manifesto on Organizational Health.  Through decades of experience, and his many other books, Lencioni draws together a landscape of issues and tools for addressing the issue of Organizational Health.  Powerful and well thought out, and fortunately very succinct and applicable, this book is fantastic!

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