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WIRED is a process I began developing back in 2007.  For many years of my life I have been haunted by the Ephesians 4:11-13 five-fold ministry passage.  For about three years straight in my life this passage arose from time to time as a center piece for life in the church.  The passage highlights roles Christ gave the church “to equip the saints for ministry.”  As someone obsessed with equipping and order, I was continually fixated on this passage.

As I learned more of these roles, I began to think about the church I was a part of and where these roles existed.  This led me to look deeper into the roles of the gifts in the Body of Christ and study how God made us, how He formed and fashioned us on purpose, how He knit us together in our mother’s womb, how He knows all the hairs on our heads, and how He made us on purpose, for a purpose.

This journey has led me over these many years to develop a series of tools that, I believe, help people discover how God has wired them, and knowing this, begin to live more fully into who God has wired them to be.

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