Season 3 – Ep 1 – Managing Your Time

Season 3 – Ep 1 – Managing Your Time

This week on the show we catch up from last season with new updates on our lives.  In short, we have both gotten married since last season.  So, fittingly, we begin the season with recommendations of how to budget your time :-).

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Rhythms of the Year
– knowing your rhythms and planning for and around them
– plan your rest
– day, week, month, season, year

Our Podcast on Introversion

Inc MagazineManaging – I need to know first what I want, in order to manage others

Knows what fuels you
– what fills your tank
– what do you need regularly

The Power of a Positive No
– discovering what your yes is and what that requires to be done well makes it much easier to say no to things
– then the answer is not no, it is yes to the priority you have set

Maker Versus Manager Schedule

– am I managing things or making things?

– managing requires small check-ins – usually hour meetings

– making requires uninterrupted half day chunks of time

– where can you do this


From Matt: The Power of a Positive No

From Beard: Milton Brasher Cunningham – Keeping the Feast

This Must be the Place




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