Season 2 – Ep 3 – Remaining Faithful Despite Fruit

Season 2 – Ep 3 – Remaining Faithful Despite Fruit

This week on the Beardcast we look at our call to be faithful, even when we don’t see fruit in our ministries…and we rename the podcast the Beardcast!


Called to be faithful, even despite fruit?

– what are we called to?

– ministry doesn’t often look like “success”

– called to be faithful even without the outcomes we seek

– Jeremiah – called to deliver a message the people would not heed, but still called to deliver it


Manifest Destiny

If you are faithful and follow God and work hard you should be protected, happy and healthy and safe, secure and well provided for.

Prosperity Gospel


When we begin to read the Scriptures, Jesus brings us a much different message.

–       because of Me you will face trials of many kinds

–       people will persecute you, reject you, and hate you because of Me


Jeremiah – God may call us to deliver a message that people will reject


Are we being faithful to the fruit or the Father?

Are we responding in faithfulness to the call, or the specific fruit we want?

Asking the question to Go after the fruit dissipates – God is this where I’m called?


Ideas of a career.

–       ascending a ladder and success in the world’s terms

–       being faithful to the call of God in our lives


Reconcile or cope with seasons when you don’t see fruit in your ministry.



Then look at if this is actually where I’m called

–       prayer, Scripture, giftings, confirmation/encouragement from mentors/community

Will I be obedient even if it will not yield fruit?


Ask God, what would you have me do?


Rethinking how we view success

Psalm1 – yield fruit in and out of season

Fruit of the Spirit, not just the things of this world – recognition, wealth, security, recognition


Paul – I have considered all things loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord


You will have houses you didn’t build, harvest field you didn’t plant


How do we know we are called?

Staying in that connection with God – what are you calling me to today?

Not getting so far from God in our work, but abiding in Him.

(Like in the Garden, distracted by the serpent).


For later – language of receiving

–       receiving gifts has always been difficult thing

–       polite thing is to decline



–       read through the book of Mark in once sitting (about 2-2.5hrs)


–       take some time to slow down and ask God where He is in the midst of our lives



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