Pastors’ Meeting – Luke 12

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Notes form Pastors’ Meeting – 1/6/14

Topic: “It All Goes Back in the Box”

         Text: Luke 12:13-21

         Theme: It is foolish to focus on things that cannot last.


-       Oldest son gets 2/3

-       Is this an issue of older brother holding out and not giving younger son his share

-       Jesus refocuses everything about the meaning of life, what does life consist of

-       Arbiter = divider – Jesus is saying I am not a divider

-       Notice the emphasis that the ground yields a harvest, not the man

-       Chapter 12 does have a lot of discussion where Jesus tells them not to fear and not to worry

-       Field that flourishes, so what do you do with it. Solution – tear down and build bigger barns. Then God interrupts and jumps in the parable.

-       Some people see it as Israel who will be torn down. Most see it as the empty life of basing life on possessions. The possessions divide the brothers.

-       Farmer misses life by his focusing and preoccupation on possessions.

-       Some think it is eschatological (end times), you will die, so think about what will happen after life.

-       “The parable points to the uncertainty of life, but it is concerned most with God’s verdict on those who trust in wealth.”

-       One should fear the One who cares so much that fear is unnecessary.

-       How little control the man had over his life despite what the man thinks.

-       Real issue is the focus of life. Fool’s focus is preparing life for oneself, whereas life’s focus should be on God.

-       What do you do with life’s uncertainties? Do you prepare for and avoid the worse?

-       Even calls into question our own view of retirement.

-       It all goes into the box for someone to use and play with next time – story after Monopoly game.

-       What is a funeral anyway but a move so big that you have to ask your friends to help you. – Seinfeld quote from bit on boxes


-       he doesn’t ask God why he got the harvest

-       are you focused on you or God’s promises and how it works

-       you need to be talking to God about that and dealing with your own heart


- what shall I do, he said to himself. Not asking others.


- the fool looked upon his possession as his own


-       where are his friends, his community?

-       it is more a focus on the bigger things of the Kingdom

-       counted six “I’s” and 5 “my’s” – so internally focused that he can’t see God

-       he wasn’t really having a true life, a life in the Kingdom, a life with God

-       implication for Jew at the time of the harvest is feast time – so he is not doing anything a Jew would do at the harvest

-       the fruit of the earth are to be a gift and to be shared

-       corners of the field – leave things for the poor.

-       I was convicted about the retirement part.

-       Can we wrestle with the idea that we don’t receive things as a blessing from God if we don’t align ourselves with the reality that we are given things to bless others with it

-       The word stewardship. Different manifestations of it. Like Lord of the Rings – there is no king, so they put a steward there. Just to watch things. When the king comes he won’t leave, he wants to keep control.

-       Wealth misused is a burden. Wealth as a gift from God that is His to appropriate is a gift and not burden.

-       What are the ties between this parable and what Joseph did for Pharaoh in Egypt. This man was all about me and I. Joseph got the direction from God.

-       What we give says a lot about what we believe about God

-       Do we believe God is close and involved, or distant and not caring

-       eat your vegetables, never take a risk then slip and fall in the shower. You deserved it.

-       Wealth, like most things are not holy or sinful, it is a tool that can be used for good or evil

-       John Wesley – make as much as you can, save as much as you can, give away as much as you can

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