Ep 7 – The Busyness of Christmas

Ep 7 – The Busyness of Christmas

In this episode, Beard and I begin 2015 with a catch up and review of the holidays.  We focus on the busyness of the holidays, especially for clergy, as we work through the holidays.  We provide suggestions for managing work and family and look ahead with a podcast forecast for 2015.  Join us!

Podcast Notes – Back from Christmas

–       baby Jesus line from Talladega Nights – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A0-u85aAYg

–       Big news from the holidays: baby Jesus born and…BEARD engaged !!!!!!! Congrats to them.

–       Tommy Boy – what’d she say? (after proposal)


–       busyness of Christmas for most

–       become a pastor and discover that the holidays are even busier for pastors

–       Sunday, then Christmas Eve services, then Sunday services again.

–       Sermon preparation, hospital visits during the holidays

–       Rhythm of having 6 days btw sermons, that throws you off


–       Call me elf one more time – from elf the movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ_dL_IMPP4


–       difficult to travel for pastors over Christmas

–       helpful tips for pastors for the holidays:

o   work ahead – plan sermons ahead of time leading up to the holidays

o   learn to say no – draw healthy boundaries in your life. You can’t do it all on the work side, or the family side. Learn to draw healthy boundaries

o   be aware of what you need – take down time and time for fun

o   over the holidays only work on holiday work, the other work can wait


–       podcast forecast – HA!

o   next time – New Year’s resolutions

o   hopefully have a friend in ministry on the show

o   being faithful to the call even when not producing spiritual fruit, not getting the outcomes you want


–       recommendations

o   Matt – Seinfeld – Comedians in cars getting coffee.com – hilarious webcast where Seinfeld goes and picks up friends, hangs out with them and talks about being comedians. http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com

o   Beard – working preacher.com podcast – workingpreacher.org is a helpful resource for preachers. This podcast is a weekly podcast on the lectionary text (lectionary is a rhythm of going through the Scriptures on the liturgical calendar). – https://www.workingpreacher.org/narrative_podcast.aspx


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