Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a wonderful American tradition that has spread, in some ways, throughout the world. A holiday tied to not much more than food, family and celebration. As we slow down for a holiday about being thankful, I begin to reflect on some of the wonderful things going on in my life…


1)   Health. I feel as though health is something I don’t think about unless it is bad. My health has been relatively great for almost my entire life. This allows me to do most anything I want whenever I want to. I am very grateful for my health this holiday season. I wake up every day, feel relatively great, can hop right out of bed, can be as active as I want, pretty much without limitations. This is an awesome reality in my life!

2)   Family. Family can often bring a great deal of frustration and heartache, but overall my family is healthy, loving, and interactive. Sometimes more than some would want, but overall we have a great group of people. This is unusual, and wonderful.

3)   Friends. I don’t think I would survive without my community. I am, on a daily basis, surrounded by people whom others seek out greatly. I call them friends, coworkers, and I get to pick up the phone and get access to them, almost whenever I want. This is likely the best part of my life. People are my favorite thing in the world and I am surrounded by some pretty amazing people on literally a daily basis.


This is a wonderful time to slow down and be grateful for all that we have. I often focus on what I don’t have. This year, I look around and feel like I have it all. Let’s celebrate! Happy Thanksgiving!

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