Q Nashville Notes – Day 1 Morning – April 23, 2014

Notes from Q Nashville:

1st talk
What’s wrong? – stop and confront
What’s confusing? – clarify n compel
What’s is good? – celebrate n cultivate this
What is missing? Create n catalyze –
Toughest question bc it requires imagination. Engage in that thing that is missing in the world that needs to be created.

Tone matters – if you don’t have a good tone (judgmental ism, condemnation) then people reject what you say, not bc it is not true but bc of how you presented it.

What if as Christians we were known as identifying, pointing out n celebrating what is good in the world. Not just seeing what is wrong n pointing it out.

Talk #2 – Andy Crouch
The Common Good
– Flourishing of persons in community
– rooted in the infinite dignity of persons created in the image of God
– what is the best test of the common good – the flourishing of the vulnerable.
– biblically – the fate of the most vulnerable are given the most weight in grading a society – youngest, oldest, most frail, most vulnerable
– if you care of flourishing of the frail you will care for freedom of religion
– not just act in immediate convictions or needs but on some deep conviction of ultimate reality
– bind yourself to something other than yourself, especially when that is costly to you
– religion that is pure n undefiled…widows n orphans
– *****if prevailing cultural opinions prevent religious practices then you do not have religious freedom
– we can do better than a false pluralism

4th talk
– don’t think us and them, always think our. Puts us all on the same team.

– if you change your mind, you can change the whole world around you

Tom musician
– home is the ultimate four letter word.
– I’m offering many questions and not many answers. I’m an academic, this is what we do well.
Jesus asks many questions.
-Privilege is ultimately about access. The ability to make choices.

family that cares about them,
self-esteem I matter,
exposure to the world,
a God encounter.

Andy Crouch
– This is going to require you to think
– To think in a whole new way
– And to consider things beyond your imagination.


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