Q Conference – Nashville

Q Conference

This past week I had the pleasure/privilege of going to Q Conference Nashville 2014. Q Conference is often described as a TED talks for Christians. The conference is once a year and led by culturally sensitive evangelical Christians who seek to bring people together to discuss current issues from a faith perspective. The group does a good job of being open to discuss to difficult issues like reconciliation, injustice, sexuality, women’s rights, to name a few. I was impressed by how the group did this with candor, but a positive attitude towards making a difference – helping the cause.

Being in Nashville, TN they had local politicians (the governor of Tennessee and the mayor of Nashville), they had music stars, and talks on racism. The conference speakers are typically given 9 or 18 minutes to speak, with a countdown clock on stage left. The speakers were innovative, mostly new to my awareness, and very inspired. You can go to the Q conference website to learn more about the conference.

I would specifically recommend Jeremy Cowart for his talk on learning to believe in himself and overcome doubt, Catherine Caine on faith and being prophetic, and Rachel Held Evans.

I consider it a privilege to get to go to these events and I am trying to find better ways to bring back what I have learned to share. I think next time I will just record the talks.

Feel free to contact me if you want more information on this. Many of the speakers I were not familiar with before the conference, so looking them up online you may learn more about them than I do.

Thanks for your time. I hope this helped you in your journey in some way,



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