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4/12/14 – As we make a turn this week to Holy Week with Palm Sunday tomorrow, I am struck how fast the season of Lent is coming to a close. This seems to happen every year. After the lull of the first few weeks of the new year, I seem to dread winter and the wait until Spring. Then college basketball hits conference play and suddenly I am positively distracted. Before I know it, conference tournaments arrive, then three weeks of the NCAA and then, the best week of the year – the Masters. As I sit in front of the Masters coverage I am reflecting on this new turn of our program WIRED. I am noticing how often I find myself in front of people who do not have a clear idea of who they are. As I begin to wade into more of this WIRED process with our staff, and as I develop more tools to bring WIRED to a greater audience, I find I am more and more excited at these numerous “ah-ha!” moments I hear from individuals and their team and family members as we walk people through this tool. One of my greatest joys has always been helping others discover who they are and help them create a place where they can live into this. As long as I can remember, this people-centered solution discovery process has always been a great joy of mine. As I get to live into this role more through my work with WIRED, I am very excited to see those around me being set free with this new understanding of who God has created them to be and ways they can live into this calling more in their daily environments, with the people around them. This truly is becoming a great joy in my life!

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