The Cycle of Grace

This past Sunday my boss gave a great sermon on one of my favorites of his teachings – the Cycle of Grace.   It is a teaching developed by Frank Lake in the 50s, and I find I need to be reminded of it every month.  I believe it is core to our faith and foundational to living as beloved sons and daughters of God. The teaching was developed in response to missionaries in India who were not only leaving the mission field, but the faith as well.  This teaching helps get me going in the right direction from the start.  It is part of a 12 week series we are doing on identity – who God is and who He says we are. I think you will find it as powerful as I have! Go to this page and choose the sermon entitled The Cycle of Grace, dated 10/27/13.  My apologies, but the link directly to the sermon was not working.

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